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Renovation and Remodeling

Residential Remodeling


We work with homeowners to design their remodeling project then provide high-quality craftsmanship
and professionalism through all stages of the project. Our staff is courteous, highly knowledgeable in
remodeling and responsive to the clients' needs.

Because your home is your sanctuary and we will be overseeing the conversion of that sanctuary, it is
important that we get to know each other and build a relationship of trust. That relationship starts with the
initial meeting and builds as we go step-by-step through the remodel process. Our goal is 100% client
satisfaction, and it is the flow of the project and quality of the work that creates satisfaction and
encourages clients to recommend Boudreaux Remodeling.



Whether you are interested in a custom kitchen remodel, in having a complete kitchen replacement, or
renovating your kitchen, Boudreaux Remodeling can build your dream kitchen from the beginning design
phase all the way through the completion of your kitchen remodel. Our dedicated team of master kitchen remodelers and kitchen designers will give you magnificent results.



Allow Boudreaux Remodeling to remodel or expand your bathroom to create the sanctuary you always
dreamed of! We can also add a new master bathroom suite to your home or remodel or expand your
existing bathroom suite. Our expert bathroom remodeling designers will make your dream a reality.